Agreement & Refund


Club fees for all applicants are payable online or at sign-ups. No applicant will be given equipment; placed on a team; or cleared by Eligibility Director until all required documents and an initial deposit towards club fees is received.


All players are encouraged to access online registration through the I.E. Mambas website, in order to complete all required documentation. All major credit cards are accepted for online payment. Cash and cashiers checks are accepted at in person registrations.

Club fees include:

•Helmet,Game pants, personalized game jersey , facility rental and event fee. 

All equipment issued belongs to you if lost, stolen or excessively damaged, parents will be responsible to pay full replacement costs as outlined below.

Equipment Care and Replacement Cost:
Proper care and cleaning of uniforms is of paramount importance to attain desired appearance and longevity. Parents and players are advised to clean uniforms as indicated on the labels. Heavily soiled game pants\practice pants and jerseys should be sprayed with degrease, pre-soaked and washed in warm water. NO BLEACH!!! All uniforms may be tumble dried in cool air\permanent press cycles or air dried.

All equipment must be maintained in a clean serviceable condition throughout the season. If any of the equipment issued by I.E. Mambas is lost, stolen or excessively damaged, parents will be responsible to pay full replacement cost or risk player termination from the Association. Normal wear and tear is to be expected.

The use of I.E. Mambas issued gear in any non sanctioned football activity is strictly prohibited UNLESS authorized PRIOR to use by the IE Mambas. 

The following list is for NEW SINGLE ITEM replacement cost:

• Helmet $150
• Shoulder Pads $80
• Practice Pants $25
• Practice Jersey $30
• Game Pants $60


Request for refund will be considered only for medical reasons that would exclude the athlete from participation and must adhere to the following guidelines:

• Request must be made in writing (e-mails not accepted) and submitted to the IE Mambas before July 1st, 2021.
• Signed Physician’s Statement detailing why participant is excluded from participating July – November, must accompany refund request letter, including physicians contact phone number.
• Any approved refund will be issued for Registration Fee paid, less the non-refundable $100 deposit, whether paid in full or not. This $100 deposit will not be waived for any reason.
• NO REFUNDS will be processed (for any reason) after July 1, 2021.

Refunds will be processed within four weeks after submission of the request. Date of submission shall be determined as to the date received by the IE Mambas and approved by the IE Mambas.

Please acknowledge that you have FULLY READ and UNDERSTAND I.E. Mambas Registration Fee Contract and Refund Policy

Signed: ________________________________ on ______________

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